Town and Country

7 song LP released March 8th, 2016
recorded by Cliff Hillis at The Hacienda in Phoenixville, PA. 

Studio Tracks
1. Courage Under Fire
2. Unknown Soldier
3. Light was Born
4. Town and Country
5. My Own Paradise
6. Weight of the World
7. Gamma Man

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Astor's Pet Horse

4 song Ep released August 11th, 2014
Recorded by Ted Richardson at Cedar Street Studios in Philadelphia, PA.

Studio Tracks
1. Avalon 2014
2. People Get Ready
3. Ride On
4. Saints and Sinners

Available in digital form only on SoundCloud, BandCamp and ReverbNation


Released July 12th, 2011 on the It's About Music Record Label.
Recorded in April 2011 at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA.
by Grammy winning producer Phil Nicolo.

Produced by J.D Malone and Executive Producer Dean Sciarra (President of It's About Music) 

Avalon has 13 studio recorded tracks
and 4 bonus studio / live tracks
also comes with a lyric page and a DVD of the band in Studio 4

Studio Tracks
1. Silver From
2. Still Love You
3. Leave Us Alone ( Man with a Worry )
4. She Likes
5. Sweet Evil Things
6. Just Like New
7. Avalon
8. Ballad of Mr. Barbo
9. Black Yodel
10. Fortunate Son ( CCR Cover )
11. Do What You Can Do
12. Emerald Lake
13. Emmitt Meets a Demon

Bonus Tracks
14. Just Like New ( Radio edit )
15. Silver From ( Live )
16. I Think it was a Monday ( Live )
17. She Likes ( Live )
18. I Should Have Known It ( Live - Tom Petty Cover )

CD's available at shows and by mail
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